How to be a Lifeguard in 12 Easy Steps

photo(23)I started swimming when I was 5 years old. We had an outdoor public pool in the small southern mountain town I grew up in and it was beside a lake. The water was so dark in the deep end you could not see the bottom! I was scared of the deep end. My swim team coach just threw me in and told me to swim, and that’s how I learned to conquer my fear of the deep end and to swim. My parents spent many a night or day taking my brother and I to swim team practices or meets. When my father passed away 2 years ago, I got very sad. We were such good buddies. To mark the anniversary of his death, instead of continuing to feel sorry for myself I decided I would try to pass Lifeguard training … again! A lot of time had passed since my swim team days – including several life changes: getting married, moving, losing a parent, becoming a mom! I didn’t think I could pass the lifeguard class – I was bruised from climbing in and out of the pool and exhausted from the week long intensive class, but I passed! As a poet, I wanted to capture my journey of becoming a lifeguard again in poems. Because it really helped me to turn my sadness around after losing my Dad, I wanted to document my true journey of becoming a mom lifeguard as well. I wrote both the poetry book and the non-fiction book at the same time. I love the training that I have as a lifeguard – it makes me feel just a little bit stronger and safer and better able to look after my family, friends or a patron (if they need me)!

Preview poem from “Words and Bones” forthcoming from Finishing Line Press this summer

Sedlacek_LB_COVWhispered Silence

by LB Sedlacek

He moved his lips this morning.

There was no sound, but I’d

turned it down, but when I

turned it up all I could hear

was the hum of the signal.

It was faded and blocked by the trees

and those eyesore cell phone

towers that never send a signal

when you need it. I whacked the

TV but that didn’t help. My

eyes seized on a caption that

explained why there was no

sound. I took my cell phone

and whacked it on the counter.

I dropped it in the sink to see

if it would float. I dropped

one in a toilet two years

ago and it sank like my

hand did when I spotted a

fish and tried to grab it.

His lips keep moving and I

watch them transfixed. I look

up “transmogrification” in

the dictionary and think there

are more words than I could

ever imagine that start with

“ex.” I stare at his mouth,

his beard, his curly black

and white hair and realize

that I heard every word.

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Another review of “The Glass River”

“Please write another mystery novel!! You are a great author.” ~Holly C.

The Glass River by LB Sedlacek Order “The Glass River”

Description:  Private Detective Chance Richardson stumbles upon the brutally murdered body of Al Bryant out near Happy Valley, North Carolina – the site of the infamous real-life Tom Dooley murder of Laura Foster – after intercepting a CB broadcast asking for help. A local town drunk by the name of Henry Lee Coffey is found near the crime scene and arrested for Al’s murder. Henry’s wife, Ruby, was also killed in a similar manner several years ago which caused Henry to abandon his job, home and to drink. Chance’s pal, newspaper reporter Kelly Grant, is asked by her former high school nemesis Mary Beth Coffey Dula to check into the crime for Henry’s sake. Chance and Kelly start nosing around the former Henry Coffey house, Al Bryant’s place, into Ruby Coffey’s murder and in and around the Happy Valley area, and dig a little into the Tom Dooley legend.